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70 % lidí nesouhlasí se zvýšením DPH u minerálních, pramenitých, kojeneckých a léčivých vod. Záměr vlády přesunout tyto produkty do 21% sazby tak nevadí jen nám, odborníkům, ale také koncovým zákazníkům, tedy voličům. Proto jsme spolu s dalšími organizacemi poslali vládě otevřený dopis.

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The Mineral Water Association assists its members in addressing legislative issues by contributing to better and more efficient business practices. At the same time, it remains involved in increasing the quality of drinking regimes across the board for both the professional and non-professional public.

The Mineral Water Association primarily focuses on the area of legislation, which has a significant impact on the operation of its clients’ business activities. This includes, among other things, legislation concerning production limits, product quality and levels of consumer protection and awareness.

The Association also strives to improve general awareness of drinking regimes and their importance. I regularly introduces the public to the wide variety of mineral waters on offer and highlights the benefits of individual minerals. We do so by employing both traditional forms of communication and media, in combination with professional seminars and conferences. For more information, please visit www.pijtezdravouvodu.cz/




The Association was founded in 1992 as a free association for producers and retailers of mineral water. Under the leadership of Jiří Černý, a unique platform emerged for dealing with common problems and protecting common rights.


The original association grew into the Mineral Water Association as it is known today. Its members include nearly all producers of natural and flavoured mineral waters in the Czech Republic.

In the past, the Association played an important role in the emergence of new post-revolutionary legislation, including the Food Act, Spa and Baths Act and the Water Act.

The members of the association also actively participated in the drafting of laws and statutes concerning the production of mineral waters and other types of bottled waters, current food legislation and environmental protection legislation.



Our main priority is to advocate for the rights of and promote the common interests of our members and their customers. We work on the basis of an open-door policy. Due to our combined expertise and active contact with legislative bodies and the state administration, we help our members become familiar with the legislation and facilitate both negotiation processes and solutions on important legal issues and regulations. We are also committed to educating the public on the right drinking regime.


We monitor all legislative provisions that affect our members and their business activities. We keep track of product developments in the industry and we try to prevent any restrictions on production and trade. We advocate for mineral waters to be made available to all European countries with the same level of quality, whilst maintaining its authenticity and competitiveness.

The members of the association hold a range of certificates for quality under the ISO, IFS, BRC and FSSC 22000 standards, which are renewed every year in the presence of auditors from international companies. Together we are constantly working on the qualitative improvement of production processes and their innovation, as well as on the management of established systems.

The Mineral Water Association is an active member of the Chamber of Commerce, through which we express our opinions on submitted legislation at both the Czech and European levels.

We also work closely with the Association of Soft Drinks Producers, the Czech Industrial Association for Packaging and the Environment, and the Trade and Tourism Association, among other interest groups.

We also firmly stand behind the promotion of a healthy drinking regime. Through awareness campaigns, we provide citizens with adequate and validated information on how to drink properly and healthily. In addition, members of the association regularly publish their own articles and are engaged in media outlets.



A proper drinking regime is one of the most important elements of a healthy lifestyle. We launched the Drink Healthily education program, which aims to improve the drinking habits of the Czech public through an awareness campaign.

The foundation of a good and healthy drinking regime involves knowing how to properly read product labels. They contain all the necessary information about the type of drink and its suitability for consumption. Not all types of water are appropriate for every consumer group.

The Drink Healthily education program also introduces consumers to basic legislation. It defines bottled water as a foodstuff whose quality and health requirements are regulated by the Food Act 110/1009 Coll. and its rules for implementation. According to Decree No. 275/2004 Coll., bottled water is divided into three different types: natural mineral water, spring water, infant water and bottled drinking water.

For more detailed information on drinking healthily, visit www.pijtezdravouvodu.cz/

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