Mineral water forms an essential part of a good drinking regime and is important for the healthy development of all age groups within the population. The Mineral Water Association brings together producers of both natural and flavoured waters in the Czech Republic who are able to guarantee the quality of the waters they supply and who share common values. We help to resolve legislative issues, promote key themes and defend the rights and interests of our members and their customers. The aims of the Association are to contribute to better and more professional business conditions, as well as to improve public awareness.

The statutory body for the Mineral Water Association is its Executive Committee comprised of the Chairman and Vice-Chairman. At present, the position of Chairman is held by Jana Ježková, and the position of Vice-Chairman by Jana Foltinová. The Executive Committee is elected to serve a three-year term.

The members of the association are represented by directors of individual companies who meet regularly every two months for agenda talks at the association.




Not all water is the same. Looks can be deceiving. Be careful what you drink.

Our website www.pijtezdravouvodu.cz/ will help you to develop the right drinking habits.

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